Hammersley to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
23 Upper Berkeley St
Portman Sq
18th March 1860
My dear Mr Merivale
Will you pardon my troubling you? I am distressed [to] hear from the Parents of a young man who is in Vancouvers Island, that many of the letters [they] write to him, never reach him. I have just heard of the arrival there of my Nephew [the] Bishop of Columbia, & he does not mention having received Manuscript imageany letters from home—& I have written regularly ever since he left England.
Will you kindly tell me how you direct your Official letters? I have put on mine—
Vancouver's Island
via New York, & Panama

I paid 1/2/2.
Manuscript image
I hope you have good accounts of Mrs Merivale & that she will return in improved health.
I remain Very Sincerely
F. Hammersley
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
The delay I think must rest with the local Post Office. We have never had any complaints before. The letters were properly addressed but it might be safer to direct them viâ Panama by West Indian Packet.
VJ 19 March
Answered privately.
Put by.
HM Mh 19