Berens to Newcastle
Hudson's Bay House
22 March 1861
Referring to the Correspondences which has already passed on the subject of the advances made by this Company on account of the Island of Vancouver and which are to be reimbursed to this Company on the Island being reconveyed to Her Majesty, I have now the honour to transmit herewith the further accounts in continuation of those which I had the honour to transmit to the then Colonial Minister, under date the 4th November 1858, terminating with a balance infavourManuscript image favour of the Company of £46,524:12:6. The subsequent accounts have been corrected by charging one half only of the outlay in searching for Coal at Fort Rupert, as agreed with the Government, and after crediting all monies received in the Colony on account of Government, and the £25,000 received on the 23rd February 1860, there remains a balance in favour of the Company of £53,569:14:2.
I should, however, observe that in these accounts the expenditure incurred by the Company in the erection of Offices &c for the Government has been included. These Buildings have mainly been erected on the Land claimed by this Company tobeManuscript image be theirs irrespective of the Grant from Her Majesty, and should the right of the Company to that Land be confirmed, it will be optional with Her Majesty's Government whether they will purchase the site of the Buildings in question in that case paying of course for the expenditure. On the other hand should the Company's right to the Land not be established, the outlay will of course be properly charged to the Government.
I have etc.
H.H. Berens
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Mr Elliot
Before carrying out the directions on 2297 it would probably be advisable to refer this letter with the Accounts to Mr Murdoch?
VJ 23 March
TFE 23/3
Yes. At once.
CF 23
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Elliot to Emigration Commissioners, 26 March 1861, forwarding copy of the letter and the accounts for their observations.