No. 73
Downing Street
19 October 1861
I have had under my consideration your despatch No. 24 of the 25th of March last, transmitting an address from the House of Assembly of Vancouver Island in which they pray for the assistance of Her Majesty's Government in extinguishing the Indian title to the Public Lands inManuscript image the Colony and set forth the evils that may result from a neglect of this precaution.
I am fully sensible of the great importance of purchasing without loss of time the Native title to the soil of Vancouver Island: but the acquisition of the title is a purely Colonial Interest and the Legislature must not entertain any expectation that the British Taxpayer will be burthened to supply the funds or British Credit pledged for the purpose. I would earnestly recommend therefore to the House of Assembly that theyshouldManuscript image should enable you to procure the requisite means; but if they should not think proper to do so, Her Majesty's Government cannot undertake to supply the money requisite for an object which, whilst it is essential to the interests of the people of Vancouver Island, is at the same time purely Colonial in its character, and trifling in the charge that it would entail.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
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