No. 85
Downing Street
7 February 1862
I have received your despatch No. 74 of the 7th of December 1861, enclosing a copy of a report from the Chief Justice of Vancouver Island in which he states the reasons which had prevented Mr. John Copland from being admitted to legal practice in that Colony.
As Mr. CoplandhasManuscript image has qualified himself by study in Scotland for practice as a Writer to the Signet, I think the Chief Justice would have acted wisely if he had carried into effect his intention of making a rule of Court under which that Gentleman might be admitted to practise in Vancouver Island after a years instruction in that Colony, nor can I see what reason therewasManuscript image was for doubting that the Chief Justice possessed the power of making such a rule in spite of the provisions of 12 and 13 Vict: cap: 48 which do not appear to deprive him of any authority which he previously possessed.
Failing such a rule of Court, I also think that the Legislature would have done wisely in enacting a Law with a similar object and I hope that in onewayManuscript image way or other it will be found practicable to admit to the Bar on the roll of Attorneys persons who like Mr. Copland are presumably well qualified to practise the law.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant