Head to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Hudsons Bay House
Oct 16/65
I have the honor to enclose copies of certain correspondence relating to the Lot Z at Victoria.
This correspondence is as follows—
1. Copy of a letter from William Fraser Tolmie Esq: to Thomas Fraser Esq: Secretary of the Hudson's Bay Company dated Victoria June 24th 1865 together with copies of sundry enclosures and tracings.
2. Copy of a letter from L. Lowenberg to Thomas Fraser Esq: Secretary dated Hamburg August 14th 1865.
I have the honor to be
Your obdt servant
Edmund Head
Minutes by CO staff
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The main point appears to be that Mr Lowenberg is ready to take £1900 for his land—if the Govt can settle with the Tenant who has a lease for 21 years with right to purchase it for £2100.
To E.C.
FR 18/10
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Tolmie to Fraser, 24 June 1865, discussing at length the dispute over land sold by the company to Lowenberg with particular reference to a letter received from Rogers of 29 April 1865, including various enclosures to substantiate his case.
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Copy, Lowenberg to Fraser, 14 August 1865, describing in detail the difficulties of his position and asking that the dispute be finally settled.
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Statement of J.H.O. Tiedeman, Civil Engineer and Surveyor, regarding his actions as assistant in the Colonial Land Office in relation to the dispute over Lot Z, such statement supporting the position taken by the company, dated 22 June 1865, witnessed by M.W. Tyrwhitt Drake (statement attached).
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Agreement of Sale between the Hudson's Bay Company and Leopold Lowenberg, signed 14 March 1861, signed by Lowenberg and Dallas, witnessed by Dugald Mactavish.
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Sketch map showing the property in question, bounded by two streets, the government reserve, and property owned by Douglas.
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Duplicate copy of the agreement and sketch map as noted above.
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"Copies of summary Agreements for the sales of Land at Victoria made on behalf of the Hudsons Bay Company," including examples of blank forms.
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Extract, Dallas to Fraser, 10 April 1864, explaining why he had declined a request made by Douglas to forward information on the sale of land to Lowenberg.
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Five separate tracings submitted in support of Hudson's Bay Company position, descriptions taken from contents of letter, Tolmie to Fraser, as noted above. No 1 Tracing accompanying Indenture of 1853 setting aside Section XVIII as a Fur Trade Reserve. No 2 Tracing of Section VI accompanying Indenture signed by James Douglas purporting to convey said Section to himself. No 3 Tracing of the Land Office Map of 1855. No 4 Tracing of so called Official Map of 1858. No 5 Tracing exhibiting Section VI and the James Bay Reserve in their various forms.
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Emigration Commissioners, 20 October 1865, forwarding copy of the letter and enclosures for observations and suggestions.