No. 36
2 August 1865
With reference to my recent Despatch No. 35 of the 22nd ultimo, I must correct an error under which one portion of it was written. The last sentence reminded you that under general regulation Mr. Needham could not claim credit for more than half salary for the periodofManuscript image of his outward voyage. This sentence was inserted by an inadvertent assumption that Mr. Needham's would be the ordinary case of an Officer going out on half salary whilst another Officer was acting in the Colony with the remaining moiety of the salary. But in point of fact, as you are aware, the present Chief Justice on the spot is now drawing the full salary at present belonging to the Office, whilst on the other hand the act which has been passed for assigning a new and higher salary to the Chief JusticecomingManuscript image coming from England declares in the first Clause that this salary will commence from and after the arrival of the Chief Justice in the Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell