Downing Street
12 October 1865
As the late proceedings of the House of Assembly of Vancouver Island are not calculated to inspire confidence in obtaining repayment of advances made out of Crown Funds, I consider it advisable to instruct you not to make any further issues from that source except for the purposesspeciallyManuscript image specially sanctioned by me. You will continue to pay the salaries of yourself and the Colonial Secretary. You will also be at liberty to pay part of the Surveyor's salary: vizt so much as is fitting remuneration for services rendered to the Crown Revenue. But that Officer, if not paid from the General Revenue will, I consider, be at liberty to refuse to perform that part of his duties which would be properly paid for out of that source. You will also be at liberty to make from the Crown Revenue such payments as maybeManuscript image be necessary for its own administration, maintenance and increase. Subject to these payments the Crown Fund must be carefully husbanded to meet liabilities resembling that incurred for the Lighthouses in which the interest or credit of the Crown is concerned and which the Legislature refuses to adopt.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
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