No. 16
Downing Street
26 April 1866
In my despatch No. 39 of the 14th of August last, conveying my decision upon certain questions between the Legislature ofManuscript image Vancouver Island and the Hudson's Bay Company, I led you to expect the draft of a deed reconveying the Island from the Company to the Crown.
I now enclose a copy of such a draft as finally approved both by the Law Officers of the Crown and by the Company, together with a copy of a letter from the Land and Emigration Commissioners and copies of two maps or plans number 1 and 2 respectively.
These plans are sent only for the assistance of the Colonial Authorities and not for their adoption, Plan No. 2 having in fact been framed, with a view to a form of conveyance which was not ultimately approved. What the rejected form of conveyance was will be sufficiently shewn by the Commissioners Report, from which (as also from theManuscript image plan itself) you will perceive that plan No. 2 exhibits, as well as other land, the land sold by the Company before the 1st of January 1862, whereas the plan required to be attached to the conveyance should only exhibit the land surrendered to the Crown and the land remaining actually in the possession of the Company.
I have to request that you will cause such a map to be made as is necessary thus to complete the conveyance complying with the recommendations of the Commissioners in that respect.
It will of course be your duty to see that the map is not so drawn as to confer on the Company any advantage not intended by the Government. But I must impress on you the expedience of not raising anyManuscript image question which would unnecessarily delay a settlement which those interest so urgently require. If unfortunately any such questions should arise you will endeavour to give me such information respecting it as will enable me to conclude a reasonable arrangement with the Company without any further reference to the Colony.
I have etc.
Edward Cardwell
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