Atherley, Mark Kerr
d. 1884
Atherley was a Lieutenant Colonel of the 92nd Regiment of Foot, a regiment of the 2nd Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders. According to Bedford, who writes to Lytton in the hopes of finding employment in the Constabulary or other service in British Columbia, Atherley was an officer who Bedford had served under at the time when in consequence of peace the reduction of the army was intended.1 In Atherley's letter, written from his station in Gibraltar at the time, he expresses his regret that Bedford did not remain in his regiment, since Bedford's service gave Atherley every satisfaction.2
Atherley began his army career in 1823 as an ensign, then became lieutenant colonel in 1849 and colonel in 1854.3 He became major general in 1864, lieutenant general in 1872, and general in 1877.4 Atherley also served as Lieutenant Colonel for the 109th Foot in 1873 as well as both the 92nd and 93rd Foot when the Gordon Highlanders were stationed at Kilkenny in 1880.5 Atherly was succeeded by General John Alexander Ewart as Colonel of the Second Battalion upon his death in 1884.6
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