Bella Coola River
The Bella Coola River is located at the junction of the Atnarko and Talchako and flows to the mouth of North Bentinck Arm, British Columbia. The river flows for approximately 70 kilometers and is home to a rich variety of wildlife -- primarily fish species.1
The first peoples of this river are the Nuxalkmc Peoples whose history dates back 10,000 years. These peoples have been occupying the land and water of the ancestral territory since time immemorial; this territory now is made up of different villages which spreads to different areas.2 The river is part of the historic “Nuxalk-Carrier Grease Trail” which was used by Alexander MacKenzie on his journey to the west coast in 1793. The river also features a rich Indigenous history, as seen in the carved petroglyphs found along the river.3
Today, the river supports both a commercial fishery and the Indigenous food fishery; however, the land off and around the river is used primarily for agriculture, as well as logging endeavors.4
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