Brotchie, William
b. 1799
d. 1859-02-28
William Brotchie was a native of Caithness, Scotland. He served on the Hudson's Bay Company brig Dryad in 1831, becoming a second mate in 1832. From 1835 to 1838 he commanded the Cadboro for the Hudson's Bay Company, and in 1839 he commanded the Nereide. In 1849 he served on the company's ship Albion. Brotchie quit sailing to cut spars for the Royal Navy but was unsuccessful.
In 1858, he was appointed Harbour Master for Vancouver Island; he died on 28 February 1859, after a long illness.
Gazette, 3 March 1859; Dorothy Blakey Smith, The Journal of Arthur Thomas Bushby, 1858-1859, BCHQ 21, (1957-58): 164; VI 28.2.
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