Caldwell, Major William Bletterman
William Bletterman Caldwell began his military career in 1814. In 1846 he was promoted to major, and two years later led a small contingent of army pensioners from Chelsea to the Red River Settlement. He was subsequently appointed governor of the District of Assiniboia.1
It was hoped that as an outsider, he would blunt the settlers' charges that the council and its officers were creatures of the Hudson's Bay Company.2 In the following year, however, Caldwell presided over the Sayer trial, which effectively broke the HBC monopoly on furs in the colony.3
In 1850, he mismanaged the Foss-Pelly trial, splitting the community along ethnic lines, and five hundred residents petitioned for his removal.4 He was replaced as governor by Eden Colvile, but resumed his position in 1851. He retired four years later.5
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