Cape Beale
Cape Beale is located at the southern entrance to Barkley Sound, approximately 64 kilometers north of Cape Flattery. The Cape is marked as the entrance to Pacific in which the colder salty ocean begins. Cape Beale was named by Captain Charles Barkley in 1789 to honour John Beale, the purser of Barkley's Ship the Imperial Eagle.1
Historically, Cape Beale's rugged coastline led to the sinking of many vessels. For this reason, after much effort in landing on the cape, Benjamin W. Pearse and others found a viable spot to begin construction on the lighthouse. The Cape Beale Lighthouse was lit for the first time by Robert Westmoreland on 1 July 1874.2
The waters off Cape Beale have been described as among the most dangerous of the BC coast; therefore, the lighthouse has functioned uninterrupted for over 145 years.3 Along with its rugged coastline, Cape Beale is also known for its diverse marine life. Species such as: humpbacks, orcas, basking sharks, sea lions, and more can be found along the cape.4
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