Conklin Gulch
Conklin Gulch is a valley in British Columbia which has an elevation of 1,592 meters. It is located southeast of Barkerille and east of Mink Gulch. Conklin Gulch is a tributary of William's Creek and was one of the areas in which gold was found during the British Columbia gold rush.1
The Aurora company, a mining company at Conklin Gulch, is said to have made $1500000 by 1864 from drift mining at the gulch. Conklin Gulch was also one of the central areas for mining placer gold.2 During its operation as a gold mine during the Cariboo Gold Rush, Conklin Gulch and another tributary of William's Creek -- Stout's Gulch -- produced $30000000 worth of gold between 1861 and 1898.3
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