De Courcy, Captain Michael
Michael De Courcy was an officer of the British Royal Navy. De Courcy enlisted with the Navy on 5 February 1824. He was made Lieutenant on 28 June 1838, Commander on 12 February 1842, Captain on 16 July 1857, and finally Commodore on 1 January 1866.1 Before becoming Captain, De Courcy spent time on the Racer in 1838, the Charybdis in 1841, as Coast Guard in 1844, and the Helena in 1848. Then, De Courcy was made Captain of the Pylades in 1857, the Ajax in 1862, and the Royal George in 1864. De Courcy was made Commodore of the Leander in the Pacific Station in 1866.2
Captain De Courcy spent time on Vancouver Island and British Columbia, while stationed on the Pylades. He was instructed by Governor Douglas to investigate the San Juan Islands during the conflict in 1859.3 Douglas named De Courcy Justice of the Peace on San Juan Island in 1859. Douglas also instructed De Courcy to, prevent the landing of further armed parties of the United States.4 De Courcy soon reported back to Douglas, advising against any further aggressive military provocations.5 Thereafter, De Courcy spent time patrolling regions like the Fraser River and Esquimalt.6 The De Courcy Island group, located near the Gulf Islands, was named in his honor.7
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