Hamburger, D. J.
Hamburger was part of the early Jewish, merchant community in the Cariboo region with J. Boas, S. D. Levi, David Solokosky, Herman Lewin, Isadore Braverman, and Herman Schultz.1
From notices in the Cariboo Sentinel, it appears that Hamburger worked in conjunction with Levi and Boas as a handler of investments.2 Bankruptcy court reports show Hamburger's frustrations with a bankrupted estate he was trying to collect money from; the judge commented on the poor accounts Hamburger kept and tossed the case.3
Hamburger appears in this despatch, wherein he reportedly borrows $2000 from Ivel (Joel) Abbott. Additionally, he witnesses that out of one little crevice,…he, Abbott, took 60 ounces out of it.
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