Johns, Louisa
Louisa Johns was the wife of Brevet Major Richard Johns. She was widowed in 1851 when her husband died during service on the HMS Ganges. Following the death of her eldest son, who was returning from the Crimea, Mrs. Johns wrote a memorial to the government (included in Pearson, Charles S. to Lytton, Sir Edward George Earle Bulwer 5 July 1858, CO 305:9, no. 6529, 647) to request a widow's pension for herself. She also asked that her nineteen-year old son, Tremenheere Johns, who was quite unemployed and unprovided for, might be able to find some situation such as his abilities and education will enable him to fill with credit to himself and the Service. In consideration of her second request, Pearson suggests to Lytton that possibly an appointment in Vancouver's Island [wouldn't] be a very common object of ambition.1
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