Martin, Robert Montgomery
b. 1800(?)
d. 1868-09-06
From a well-to-do Anglo-Irish family, Robert Montgomery Martin trained as a doctor and worked in East Africa, Australia, and India during the 1820s. In the following decade, he pursued his self-appointed task of studying the empire by writing tomes on its history, taxation, and colonial statistics. After a brief unhappy stint in Hong Kong as a civil servant, and writing books on Britain and China, Martin wrote a defence of the policies of the Hudson's Bay Company against the charges of Alexander Isbister concerning treatment of Aboriginals at Red River, and those of James Edward Fitzgerald concerning the company's designs on Vancouver Island. In his requests in 1848 to examine documents in the Colonial Office, Martin revealed that the company had commissioned his work, published as The Hudson's Bay Territories and Vancouver's Island: with an exposition of the chartered rights, conduct, and policy of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Corporation, 1848. As secretary to the Second Duke of Wellington, Martin prepared the authoritative Supplementary Despatches…[of the] Duke of Wellington (15 vols., 1858-72).
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