Memeya River
According to this despatch, Memeya River is located near Benshee Lake, now known as Puntzi Lake, and Bridge Rivers. Klatsassin of the Tsilhqot'in tribe had the intention to return to Benshee Lake by the Memeya and Bridge Rivers; he was only waiting, as he said, for Mr. Waddington's arrival.1 Benshee Lake was one of the main areas in which the so-called “Chilcotin Massacre” took place, Klatsassin is described as the chief instigator who used the Memeya River as a passage up to this spot. However, from the despatch, Klatsassin was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Waddington who may bring men and provisions with him.2 At the end of the “massacre,” out of the 16 supposed Tsilhqot'in suspects, only four had returned back to Benshee Lake by way of the Memeya River.
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