Omineca Region
The Omineca Region is a large region located in North-Central, British Columbia. It is bordered to the south by the Yellowhead highway, and to the north by the Liard mountains. This region is considered to be one of the top ten areas for the gold rush in BC.1
Gold was discovered in Omineca on the Finlay River in 1861, although the rush did not begin until 1869. Other major gold deposits in Omineca included Mansen Creek and the Germansen River.2 Many of the prospectors in this region came from their initial search for gold in Edmonton on the North Saskatchewan river, who then worked their way up to Skeena and then to Omineca. Many Tlingit, Sekani, Kaska, and Tahltan First Nations also participated in the rush and mining-related activities.3 The gold rush, however, opened the Omineca region up to permanent settlement, and contributed to the displacement and marginalization of many Indigenous communities.
According to BC exploration company, West Coast Placer, the Omineca is one of the least explored regions in BC today.4
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