Pike, Commander John W.
Pike was sent to command the HMS Devastation in 1860.1 His orders were to control the illegal trade of liquor between trading ships and First Nations on the coast of Vancouver Island, “Stekin,” Sitka Sound, and other coastal areas of British Columbia.2
Pike successfully captured two First Nations people who were involved in the murder and robbery of two white men near Fort Simpson in 1862.3 He was also involved in an 1863 expedition to arrest certain Lamalcha Indians involved in the murder of William Brady.4
In 1863, Pike captured three vessels which were illegally trading a large quantity of pure alcohol and manufactured spirits.5 Due to his skill in navigating the uninhabited areas of the Vancouver Island coast, he also stopped a ship of whiskey sellers hiding near Hornby Island.6
His work is commended in the despatches and he is described as being relentless in his duties as well as excellent at detaining and inspecting vessels, scrutinizing paperwork, interrogating traders, seizing contraband liquor and impounding ships.7
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