Riddel, Doctor Archibald Alexander
b. 1819-12-10
d. 1883-12-15
Dr. Archibald Alexander Riddel was born on 10 December 1819 in Aberdeen, Scotland.1 He came to Canada around 1836 and began his career as an apprentice to the printing business in Toronto.2 Riddel, who was determined to enter the medical field, began college and became a licensed doctor in 1857, after some years practicing in Mexico.3 On 9 June 1858, Riddel wrote to the Under-Secretary of State in an attempt to convince the government to aid him in forming a Settlement in Vancouver's Island.4 Unfortunately, the area was leased to the Hudson's Bay Company at the time and the Colonial Office could not undertake to say on which terms land shall be offered in that island and declined his request.5 Riddel held positions as the coroner for Toronto, one of the founders of theā€¦ Toronto Medical Society, and a member of the first school board in Toronto who was largely instrumental in having free schools established in Toronto.6 Riddel was described as a man of sterling honesty, unswerving truthfulness, and unflinching courage.7 He died on 15 December 1883 in Toronto.8
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