Rock Creek
Rock Creek is a small town named after a stream of the same name located in south-central British Columbia. In October 1859, a Canadian man discovered gold in the stream, which launched a gold-rush and attracted large numbers of Canadian and American miners.1
The much aggrandized “Rock Creek War” occurred in the summer of 1860, due to American miners' non-compliance with Douglas's requirement of a British Columbia mining license, as well as the violent expulsion of the appointed gold commissioner.2 Douglas quelled the situation with a promise of a wagon road from Hope, but also cautioned the miners that should their disobedience persist he would return with a force of 500 marines.3 Douglas then shook every man's hand and departed to a round of applause.4
According to this despatch, in October of 1860, Rock Creek contained 15 structures, mainly houses and shops to serve the miners of the region. According to Akrigg, however, the gold settlement was abandoned by 1864.5
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