Soda Creek
Soda Creek is a rural subdivision north of Williams Lake, located on the east bank of the Fraser River. In 1863 a relay was established in Soda Creek from New Westminster to Alexandria. River steamers ran from Soda Creek to Quesnel along the Fraser River, completing the journey in eight days.1
Soda Creek is home to the Xat'sull First Nation, the northernmost tribe of the Secwepemc Nation, the largest nation within the British Columbian interior.2 Xat'sull means on the cliff where the bubbling water comes out.3 Large runs of Sockey and Chinook salmon travel through Soda Creek in the Autumn, and were a staple for the Xat'sull.4 The first native reserve in the area was created in 1865 by Sir James Douglas, consisting of an area 35 km long and 12.5 km wide, but was reduced to 1.5 square km over the course of several years.5 European land claims extorted the Xat'sull and settlers in the area; Xat'sull staged protests, but were largely ignored until 1895 when European settlers began to protest as well.6
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