In 1842, James Douglas refers to Sooke as “Sy-yousung”, and makes several entries about the geographical features of Sooke in Pelly, Sir John Henry to Hawes, Benjamin 24 October 1846, CO 305:1, no. 1301, 25. In another spelling, with the addition of the letter “i”, Douglas refers to “Sy-yousuing” again in an 1849 despatch, wherein he states that it is 25 miles distant from Fort Victoria, and has the important advantage of a good mill stream and a great abundance of fine timber.
Another possible Sooke-landscape reference exists in the name “Whoyring”, present day Becher Bay, which Douglas refers to as a port, located eight miles east of “Sy-yousuing”.2
  • 1. G. P. V. Akrigg and H. B. Akrigg, British Columbia Chronicle, 1788-1846 (Victoria: Discovery Press, 1975), 349.
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