Walker, William
b. 1824-05-08
d. 1860-09-12
William Walker was born on 8 May 1824 in Nashville.1 In 1855, Walker sailed to Nicaragua.2 Walker established himself as a force to be feared by the defenders of the town of Rivas after attacking them with a goal of American colonization.3 Swanston, in a letter to Banister, commends Walker's work in Nicaragua stating that he shewed wisdom in refusing the Presidency.4 However, in 1856, Walker did become president of Nicaragua and implemented an “Americanization” program to encourage U.S. citizens to immigrate there.5
In 1857, after pressure and attacks from Britain, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras, Walker surrendered to a U.S. naval officer.6 Walker returned to Nicaragua to reclaim his presidency but was defeated repeatedly until his death on 12 September 1860 where he was shot by a firing squad in Central America.7
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