Wesley, Sir Major General Samuel Robert M.
Born in Ireland in 1791, Sir Samuel Robert Wesley was the Deputy Adjutant General in the Royal Marines from 1854 to 1862.1 Beginning his career in 1809,2 Wesley's roles within the Royal Navy progressed from First Lieutenant-Colonel, Assistant Adjutant General, to Deputy Adjutant General.3 As the Deputy Adjutant General, Wesley was the executive head of the Royal Navy Office. He executed the orders of the Admiralty Board … and [took] charge of the Marine Recruiting Service.4 In a despatch from 16 March 1861 , Wesley addresses the missing salaries of marines reporting in the Vancouver Island Esquimalt base.5 In his report to the Admiralty Secretary, Wesley recounts that throughout the year no colonial or extra pay was received…for Captain Henry's embarkation on the H.M.S. Satellite.6 Highlights in Wesley's career include serving in the U.S. and Lower Canada in the War of 18127 and directing the marines in the Crimean War.8 In 1862, Wesley retired from the Royal Marines and retained the title of Major General. 9 Notably, after retiring from the Royal Navy, he was knighted under the Most Honourable Military Order of Bath, KCB.10 He married Mary Butt, sister to Queen's Counsel M.P. Isaac Butt, in 1835.11 In 1877, Wesley passed away at the age of 86 in Blackheath, England.12
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