Yale, James Murray
b. 1798
d. 1871-05-07
James Murray Yale joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1815 and participated in the final years of the conflict with the North West Company. In 1821, Yale was transferred to the Columbia District, taking charge of Fort Langley in 1833. To replace the declining revenue from furs at that fort, he encouraged the export of new resources—crops and packed fish. He rose to rank of chief trader in 1844. In 1848, HBC Governor Pelly recommended him to Earl Grey for a commission as justice of the peace in the new colony of Vancouver Island. That same year, as part of a transportation route that was later abandoned, the company named a newly established post in the Fraser Canyon after him. In 1851, he bought property on Vancouver Island and retired eight years later to a farm in Saanich.
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