No. 1
12 October 1858
I have the honor of forwarding herewith for your information a Proclamation issued by me on the 6th day of September last, 1 prohibiting the gift or sale of intoxicating drinks to the native Indians of Fraser's River; and also a Proclamation issued at Fort Yale on the 15th day of the same month 2 warning allpersonsManuscript image persons against occupying or disposing, without proper authority, of Crown Lands in Fraser's River, a proceeding rendered necessary in consequence of an attempt made by James Ray, and other parties, to take possession of certain valuable Crown Lands in British Columbia, and as reported, to make collusive sales of the same; and also a notice 3 of the intention of Government to survey the land in the vicinity of Old Fort Langley and to lay it out in blocks and town lots, which will be put up for public sale on or about the 20th of the present month.
IManuscript image
I am not certain about the form of Title usually issued on the sale of Town lots, or of other Crown lands in Her Majesty's Colonies, and will feel obliged by your directing forms of such deeds to be forwarded to me without delay.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient humble Servant
James Douglas

The Right Honble Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart
Her Majesty's principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Department
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Approve the Proclamations? and refer the enquiry as to the form of Land Titles to the Emigran Comssrs: who will probably be able to give information as to the proper Form? See 12723. 4
VJ 14 Decr
HM D 14
C D 15
EBL D 15
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Elliot to Emigration Commissioners, 21 December 1858, forwarding copy of the despatch.
  1. The proclamation, issued at Fort Hope, 6 September, is untitled and unnumbered; it has been removed from the file but appears in British Columbia, List of Proclamations for 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, and 1864 (New Westminster, B.C., 1866). Check Gazette.
  2. This proclamation is likewise untitled and unnumbered and has also been removed from the file; it can be found in Revised Statutes of British Columbia 1871, Appendix, p. 227. Check Gazette.
  3. See footnote in 12180, CO 60/1, p. 181.
  4. Douglas to Lytton, 23 October 1858, 12723, CO 60/1, p. 241.
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Carnarvon, Earl

Douglas, James

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Jadis, Vane

Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

Merivale, Herman

Ray, James H.

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Old Fort Langley

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