Richards to Under-Secretary of State
Somerset House, W.C.
4 October 1858
I beg to acquaint you that the "Thames City" sailed from Deptford 1 on Saturday last, for Gravesend; 10 Lay Days having been consumed by her at the former place, in the shipment of the Stores.
I have etc.
Chas. Richards
Minutes by CO staff
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Put by.
ABd 4 Oct
HM O 4
I wish she was completely off. She is a month later than she ought to have been and than was promised.
C Oct 5
  1. Deptford, one of the first naval dockyards in England, was situated on the south bank of the Thames, immediately above Greenwich. The first dock was constructed there about 1542, and it was here that Sir Francis Drake returned in 1581 after circumnavigating the world. In the late seventeenth century, Deptford became headquarters of the Victualling Board of the Royal Navy. It declined in importance after 1869, when the Navy transferred many of its facilities to the dockyards at Chatham and Sheerness. The dockyard at Deptford finally closed in 1965.
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