Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone
Arthur Johnstone Blackwood, the son of Admiral Henry Blackwood and Harriet Gore, was born on 25 April 1808.1 He was appointed junior clerk in the Colonial Office on 5 April 1824, promoted to assistant clerk on 28 January 1829, and to senior clerk on 30 August, where he remained until his retirement on 20 May 1867.2 He was appointed to the ceremonial office of groom of the Privy Chamber on 6 May 1836.3 He married Cecilia Georgiana Wright on 2 March 1830 and fathered two children, Alice Douglas (b 1830) and Stevenson Arthur (b 1832),4 who became secretary of the British Postal Service and was knighted for his service.5 Arthur died on 2 January 1874 at age 65.6
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