Hardy to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
26 October 1858
I am directed by Mr Secretary Walpole to transmit to you the accompanying Memorial to the Queen 1 from a number of persons belonging to different Trades and Occupations in the City of Glasgow and its Neighbourhood, offering to serve Her Majesty for five years as a MilitiaorManuscript image or Police Force or Pioneer Band in the new Colony of British Columbia; And I am to request that you will submit the same to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
I am etc.
Gathorne Hardy
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Mr Elliot
I fear we have no option but to express the great concern felt by H.M. Govt at the stagnation of trade which renders it unavoidable for so many of Her Majesty's Subjects to desire to emigrate; and to explain that however desirable it would be to see B. Columbia reinforced by so many and such industrious persons Parlt hasManuscript image in the first place, not provided HM Govt with the funds requisite for defraying the expense of a large, or indeed of any Emigration from this Country to the B. Colonies; and secondly that, as regards B. Columbia it is the hope and confident belief of H.M. Govt that such Police force as may be necessary for the preservation of order, or any Militia force will be raised in the Colony itself, and maintained out of its own funds.
ABd 27 Octr
I should acknowledge the Petition and say that it has been laid at the foot of the throne; and I should then inform the Petitioners that Sir E.B. Lytton much regrets that it has been out of his power to advise a compliance with the prayer of their Petition, because there are no funds at the disposal of H.M's Govt for granting free passages to British Columbia, and because it has not been considered requisite for the interestsofManuscript image of that Settlement to create either a Militia or a Police force to be fil[l]ed up by persons conveyed for that purpose from this Country.
TFE 27 Octr
C Oct 28
[Added to preceding minute:]
Such force it is expected that the Colony will raise itself, & maintain out of its own funds. EBL Oct 29
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Draft, Elliot to Hardy, 10 November 1858, advising that the wishes of the petitioners could not be granted.
  1. = Glaswegian militia The memorial has been removed from the file. Memorial to Queen from Glaswegians offering to be in militia. FIND ?? HO??
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