Hart to Secretary of State
Colonial Church & School Society
9 Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street
28 September 1858
The Committee of this Society feel very grateful for the kind offer of a free passage in the "Thames City" for the Clergyman they propose to appoint to British Columbia.
In consequence of the previous appropriation of the funds at their disposal the Committee were unable to proceed to the immediate appointment of a clergyman though the appeals made to them were very urgent. Had they been in a position to do so they would have been able to accept the offer of a passage by the "Thames City" and would have gladly done so, but inasmuch as they have not yet actually appointed a clergyman, and he could not possibly be ready to leaveManuscript image England so soon as Thursday next, they very much regret that they are quite unable to avail themselves of the present opportunity.
The Committee have made strenuous efforts to provide a salary of £300 a year for the gentleman whom they are on the eve of appointing and they trust that in consequence of the difficulties which they have had to encounter Her Majesty's Government will be pleased to aid them by a grant, and thus enable them to send their clergyman and his wife to the new Colony viâ New York and Panama in October.
The Committee fully understand that in the event of the Clergyman to be appointed being attached to the Royal Engineers, the fact of his being so attached will not be held to confer any claim orManuscript image title on a future occasion either to employment or pension or compensation.
I have etc.
Wm H.A. Hart
Minutes by CO staff
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Lord Carnarvon
The Society cannot avail themselves of the oppy of the "Thames City." Do you think we cd give £100 towards sending the Clergyman out? Considering that the Govt pays for no Clergyman whatever, (wh: is not what I approve myself, & fear a complaint from the Bench of Bishops for you) I am inclined to advise a recommendation to the Treasury to the extent above mentioned.
ABd 29 Sepr
I quite agree in the principle of giving the Colony some spiritual assistance but on grounds of expediency I am afraid it is questionable. For this last reason Sir E. Lytton decided against a Colonial Chaplain & only agreed to the free passage in the Thames City because though indirectly it was equivalent to pecuniary aid it was not actually a grant of money wh wd appear on the Estimates. I do not see how, if the £100 suggested or any sum be allowed to the Col. Ch. S., pecuniaryManuscript image aid to the S.P.G. or to other religious bodies can be refused, or why we sd confine ourselves to so small a sum. I wd for my own part gladly adopt a different course and give effective aid towards a religious establishment in the new Colony but modern policy has condemned this & rendered it impossible, and the difference between £100 and £1000 is merely I apprehend a question of degree. I am afraid that we cannot comply with the application but it is for Sir E. Lytton to decide.
C S 29
I should like to submit this question to Mr Merivale.
EBL Sept 30
I am really not competent to offer any suggestion on the subject, which would not be readily anticipated by any oneManuscript image familiar with colonial politics. I do not suppose there would be much objection in Parliament to a trifling grant at the outset from home funds. It seems to me a more difficult step to appropriate colonial funds (in the absence of representative institutions) to such a purpose.
HM O 4
C Oct 5
It will be necessary to ascertain the precedents for a trifling grant for voyage; if precedents favour it I will not object. Otherwise it will be better to resist & the Society will probably [equally?] send out their man if they only can get 300£ a year for him.
EBL Oct 13
I would give a free passage to the Clergyman not any more—on the condition that the 300£ a year for him be actually raised.
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Mr Blackwood
I have inquired in the other departments, but cannot find any precedent for the payt of the passage of a Clergyman sent out to a colony by the Missionary Societies in this Country? See 10427. 1
Answer accordingly?
TFE 21 Oct
Sir Edward
I agree.
C Oct 21
Yes with regret.
[EBL] Oct 22
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Draft, Elliot to Secretary, Colonial Church Society, 30 October 1858, declining to defray the cost of the passage of a clergyman to British Columbia due to lack of funds.