Colonial Church and School Society to Colonial Office
Colonial Church & School Society
Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street,
London E.C.
8 October 1858
The Committee have, in compliance with the most urgent appeals, appointed the Rev. W.B. Crickmer, curate of Marylebone, to the mission in British Columbia. They are anxious to send Mr Crickmer and his wife to the new Colony with Colonel Moody. The expense of passage for one person will be about £120 and it would be a great favor ifManuscript image the Government would give the Society a grant in order to defray the expenses of Mr & Mrs Crickmer.
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Minutes by CO staff
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As it appears from the researches made by Mr Irving in consequence of 9904 1 that there is no precedent for giving a Clergyman—who holds no official employment—a grant of money to provide himself with passage to a Colony and as the Society has been unable to avail itself of a passage in the "Thames City" which we offered, I think we have now no alternative except to obey Sir E. Lytton's minute on 9904, and "resist."
ABd 19 Octr
Write to regret that there is no precedent.
EBL Oct 22