Thomas to Secretary of State
Colonial Church and School Society
9, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street,
23 November 1858
The Committee of this Society have instructed me to state that in compliance with the wish of Col. Moody, R.E. they sent the Rev. W.B. Crickmer to British Columbia viâ Panama that he might arrive with the Chief Commissioner and without unnecessary delay. This arrangement involved the Society in considerable expenditure—and obliged Mr Crickmer to leave many of his packages to be transmitted by the longer route by Cape Horn.
Under these circumstances they hope the Government will permit Mr Crickmer's boxes to be shipped, free of charge, in the "Euphrates" which is about to sail within a fortnight from the Port of London; and venture to solicit this favor from H.M. Secretary of State for the Colonies. These boxes could thus be conveyed with those of Colonel Moody & be delivered without loss of time to the Missionary Clergyman. The Authorities at the Admiralty have kindly intimated that there is room in the Euphrates.
I have etc.
Nesac Thomas
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Mr Elliot
I think we may request the Admiralty to direct that this accommodation be afforded. We were unable to grant this Clergyman a free passage to Columbia, & we give him no Salary.
ABd 25 Novr
Yes—as no time ought to be lost, annex draft.
C N 27
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Draft, Elliot to Secretary to the Admiralty, 3 December 1858, forwarding copy of letter and requesting room for Crickmer's baggage on the Euphrates.
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Draft, Elliot to Secretary, Colonial Church and School Society, 3 December 1858, advising that the Admiralty had been requested to ship the baggage.