Trevelyan to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
7 October 1858
I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you, for the information of Sir E.B. Lytton, that under the circumstances stated in the Earl of Carnarvon's letter of the 30th Ultimo, 1 Their Lordships will not object to the Officers and Men of the Royal Engineers, composing the British Columbia Expedition, being allowed to receive their extra pay and allowances from the day on which they were appointed to the Colonial Service to that of their Embarkation.
I am etc.
C.E. Trevelyan
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Acquaint Colonel Moody, R.E.
ABd 8 Oct
Annex dt.
HM O 8
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Draft, Carnarvon to Colonel Moody, R.E., 14 October 1858, reporting as per letter.