Austin to Lytton
35 Rutland Street
12 November 1858
I beg leave most respectfully to bring under your notice the enclosed statement of my grievances. I think that you will own that it contains within a short compass as startling a [rainaused?] and as painful a tragedy as the annuls of real life afford. I am sure Sir that to a Gentleman of your great tallants and unrivalled force of Character it will be unnecessary for me exalted though your position is, to apologize for intruding upon your valuable time by a detail of the grievances of the humblest of Her Majesty's subjects—while those grievances are yet [Inudiable?]. And now Sir presuming that you have already had my extraordinary tale, the first question that will naturally suggest itself to your mind is—Is this man an impostor? or are his intellects perfectly sound? With regard to the first enquiry I beg to refer you to the enclosed copies of the certificates of Chief Justice Lefroy Mr A. Lefroy, M.P. [and] to Richard Leavings M.P. as to my Character & Respectability. With regard to the second I have little to say but that I have given the fullest information as to the dates and other particulars [of] the transactions and that I court the fullest inquirys to everything connected with it. Nor could I reasonably askManuscript image you to interfere in the matter without applying for information about me to the Lord Chancellor the Chief Secretary for Ireland (to both of whose private Secrs I am now well—too well—known). And now Sir to the point without further delay under a pressure of [accumulate?] wrong and outrage which would induce most men to harbour very dark thoughts towards my persecutor, I have thank God, been enabled to keep myself perfectly free from all illegality or violence, knowning that if I were even to strike Mr Tuite I would be heavily punished and my story of unexampled oppression would not be listened to for a moment in a court of justice. But right is crippled for life—and Starvation seems [to] be staring us in the face—my boy has no apparent prospects for the future & in the [frince?] of Manly vigor I have [no?] employment. All I want is the means of earning my bread & that is everything which I cannot pro[cure]. You will see by the letter of Lord Nass private Secretary that my misfortunes have excited his Lordships Sympathy but with no further good to me. The editors of the most influential journals in Dublin are aware of my story and would gladly publish my case Keeping clear of the names of the parties: and it has been suggested to me to print my statement and send copies of it to the leading independent Members of Parliament on [sounse?] of whom I canManuscript image [two words cut off microfilm] for bringing the whole case before the House. But to what end? The exposing of Mr Tuite at the bar of Public opinion would answer no purpose but the gratifications of a revenge, which I can heartily say I do not feel; and I shrink from the meaning of becoming an object of public compassion and having subscriptions lists opened for me in the newspapers. Under these circumstances I would humbly appeal to those sympathies which must attack such a bosom as yours to procure me a situation in the Colony of New Columbia. In reference to my present qualifications I have only to say that I am 42 years of age upwards of 6 feet high strong build and blest with uniform health & strength. Any of the Gentlemen I have mentioned will I am sure certify this much for me and in conclusion I am sure I do not over estimate your sense of humanity and justice when I express my conviction that without condemning me to resort to the last desparate step of publicityManuscript image You will exert your high influence to aid one who has been so long trampled under the iron heel of magisterial ignorance.
I have the honor to be
Sir Edward you most obedient humble Servant
William F. Austin

The Right Honorable
Sir E.B. Lytton Bart MP
Park Lane London
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
This is an application for employment in B. Columbia in consideration of wrongs sustained by the Writer at the hands of Mr Tuite, a Magistrate in Ireland, arising out of some family litigation.
VJ 22 N
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Austin, 3 December 1858, acknowledging receipt of letter and advising that all the appointments for British Columbia had been filled.
Minutes by CO staff
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I do not see what the S. of S. can do for this gentleman. There are no vacancies in B. Columbia and if there were I do not see that his case wd give him a preference over other eligible candidates.
C Nov 23
Decline [easily?].
EBL Nov 26
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Austin to Lytton, no date, statement of grievances.
Manuscript image
Mr. Lefroy to Lord Chief Justice, 16 July 1858, recommending Austin.
Manuscript image
A. Lefroy, M.P., 20 July 1858, recommending Austin.
Manuscript image
Robert Smythe, Deputy Lieutenant & Justice of Peace, recommending Austin.
Manuscript image
Richard R. Wingfield, Dublin Castle, to Austin, 10 November 1858, advising that Lord Naas regrets there is no office available.
Manuscript image
Lord Naas, Dublin Castle, to Austin, 18 October 1858, advising that he has read Austin's letter but does not know how to help him.