Bradford to Lytton
Septr 18th 1858
I am the conductor of an Educational establishment and a Commission Agent. I have had considerable experience in managing business and correspondence in and connected with the British Colonies.
I am interested for Miners and others desirous of proceeding to BritishManuscript image Columbia. We read with great admiration and hearty concurrence the sentiment laid down in your very excellent despatch to the Governor General of the Leeward Islands: the excessive importance of raising and maintaining from local resources, and by local efforts, such a military force as will by its presence guarantee the safety &c of the Colony.
This applies with ten fold force to the new Colony of British ColumbiaManuscript image and we are convinced there is a method by which it can be adopted and applied to it even more easily than to an old colony.
Every Englishman proceeding to the new Colony goes there deeply impressed with the necessity of going there competent to his own defence and eager to unite with the authorities in the common defence. Many would therefore gladly enrol themselves for that purpose, and on their arrival in the Colony place their services atManuscript image the disposal of the Government to receive military instruction provided that when not wanted like a disbanded militia, they could push their fortunes at the diggings and after a term of servitude receive a grant of Land on the same principle as that given to the Royal Engineers.
I should feel much honoured by your instructions and happy to forward any other suggestions made by practical men on the subject.
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Mr Merivale
Acke & say that H.M. Govt leaves to the Colonial Authorities in B. Columbia the task of enrolling, if it be necessary, a force for the repression of disorder, and that they cannot encourage the writer or the persons referred to in his Letter, to go out to the Colony under the impression that their services would be required there, or that they would receive free grants of land.
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Carnarvon to Bradford, 1 October 1858, as per minute.