Broun to Lytton
Sphinx Lodge
2 October 1858
Preparatory to asking you, as Colonial Minister, to do me the favour to grant me an interview with you—or a Deputation from the Promoters should you rather prefer it—I have had the accompanying compilation on my scheme for European & Asiatic intercourse via British Columbia, by means of a main through Trunk Railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, put into type.
You will see from the Correspondence which the Pamphlet contains, that upon several occasions during the past 13 years, I have obtained from your predecessors in Office promises of encouragement & supportinManuscript image in carrying out this great national undertaking—& the time has now come, when with your assistance as Colonial Minister, these promises will, I trust, be made good.
Waiting the favour of your reply,
I have the honor to be Sir Edward
Your most obedient, Humble Servant
Richard Broun

The Right Honble
Sir Edward G.E.L. Bulwer Lytton Bart
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Sir R. Broun asks for an interview with Sir E. Lytton.
Sir Richard, who is a Nova Scotia Baronet, has been long working upon the subject of the Halifax & Quebec Railway—and now has taken up the scheme of an extension railway to the Pacific. The subject is a mono-mania with him, & being in extremely limited circes he wishes to make a living out of it. This, at least, is the report. I know, myself, nothing of Sir Rd personally.
ABd 7 Oct
HM O 7
C Oct 7
Mr Blackwood
See Minutes on 10782 from Sir A. Broun. Lord Carnarvon has appointment Sir R. Broun to call on him next week.
TFE 21 Octr
Give me official Minute on this pamphlet & letter.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Note in file as follows: "Folios 478-506v. not photographed—duplicate of folios 514-542v. endorsed 'Proof Copy. In 10130/58.'"
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Note in file as follows: "Map of the Atlantic & Pacific Junctions Railway and Land Company being an enclosure to CO 60/2/1005-6-7 has been removed to M.P.G. 137," dated 5/7/1926.
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Printed list of publications covering the various aspects of Sir Richard Broun's project in British North America, five separate articles including a "Scheme for Direct Anglo-Asian Intercourse."