Memo, Broun to Lytton

Sir Richd Broun presents his compliments to the Colonial Minister; & he has now the honor to enclose a perfect copy of the Pamphlet.
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6th October
Minutes by CO staff
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Put by.
ABd 7 Oct
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed pamphlet, "European and Asiatic Intercourse via British Columbia, By Means of a Main Through Trunk Railway From the Atlantic to the Pacific," dated 1858 (twenty-nine pages).
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Note in file as follows: "Map of the Atlantic and Pacific Junction Railway and Land Company being an enclosure to CO 60/2/1079 has been moved to M.P.G. 138," dated 5/7/1926.
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Printed list of publications covering the various aspects of Sir Richard Broun's project in British North America, five separate articles including the "Scheme for Direct Anglo-Asian Intercourse."