Bandon to Lytton

Lord Bandon presents his Comps to Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton & ventures to recommend to him John [Bobs Suggin?] Esq as a person who might be usefully appointed to the Police Force which is at present organizing for British Columbia.Manuscript image Lord Bandon can testify to [illegible] high character & fitness for such an Employment as he is an officer in Lord B's regiment the Royal Cork Artillery Militia & gave him great satisfaction.
[A.D. Somersby?]
Oct 18 1858
Minutes by CO staff
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Write to Lord B. that the Police to be organized in B.C. will be raised there & not in England therefore we have no appointment for Capt G.—the only appointment we do make of Inspectorship being already given away.
EBL Oct 23
Minutes by CO staff
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Ansr Lord Bandon that a record shall be made of his Lordships's recommendation of this person but that it is necessary to apprize his Lordship that H.M. Govt are not organizing any Police force for B. Columbia.
ABd 21 Oct
Since H.M. Govt is not organizing a Police Force, I think that this will be the best answer, without adding any promise that the writer's name should be noted.
TFE 21 Oct
I almost think I wd note the name as the proviso makes it safe against misconstruction & it has been done on many occasion where it was intended to smooth the refusal? It does give [the] applicant a chance.
C Oct [cut off microfilm]
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Carnarvon to Earl of Bandon, 2 November 1858, expressing regret that there are not positions for British Columbia.