Cavan & Co. to Lytton
29 Finsbury Circus E.C.
23d December 1858
As Agents in this country for the Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company of New York as well as of the Panama Railroad Company which forms one of the links in the same chain of communication, we take the liberty of requesting your attention to the advantages which would accrue to the new Colony of British Columbia by forming a postal connexion with the line of Steamers belonging to the first named company.
Its service now extends from Panama to Puget Sound, embracing connexion with Ventosa Bay, the Columbia River and all ports on the coast of California and Oregon, and with the American ports in Puget Sound.
The Company is at present under no obligation to extend its service to the British Ports in the Pacific, but the advantages which would accrue to them from being comprehended in the ramifications of this extensive undertaking (especially as they are not likely to be able to support an independent line of communication with the Isthmus of Panama, and Europe for sometime to come, are very apparent, and should the GovernmentbeManuscript image be disposed to entertain such proposals we shall be prepared to submit for its consideration on behalf of the Pacific Mail Company terms not only for the conveyance of the Mails to and from British Ports and the footing of a limited subsidy but also for the transportation, under contract, of Government Officers, Troops and Stores.
The Steamers of the Pacific Mail Company with the Panama Railroad and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company form a direct and continuous line of communication between the British dependencies on the Pacific Coast of North America and Great Britain. In the event of an arrangement such as we have suggested being brought about, the arrivals and departures on both sides might no doubt be so timed as to insure the least possible amount of delay in the transmission of the mails.
Should you desire further information on this subject it will afford us pleasure to wait upon you at any time you may be pleased to appoint.
We may mention that we had the pleasure of furnishing Colonel Moody R.E. with introductions to the President of the Panama Railroad and Pacific Mail Companies, both of whom he saw at New York, and from whom he will doubtless have acquired much valuable information, respecting the different lines of communication.
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& We have the honour to remain Sir,
Your most obedt humble servants
Cavan B.M. & Co.
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Mr Elliot
I suppose the proper course will be to refer this letter for the consideration of the Treasury & acquaint the Writers?
VJ 27 Dec
I think so.
TFE 28 Decr
HM D 28
Annex draft.
C D 29
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Draft, Merivale to Cavan and Company, 7 January 1859, advising their letter had been referred to Treasury.
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Draft, Merivale to C.E. Trevelyan, Treasury, 7 January 1859, forwarding copy of the letter for consideration.