Edelman & Co. to Lytton
21 St Helens Place, E.C.
23 Decr 1858
Rt Honble Sir
We beg respectfully to enquire on behalf of ourselves and numerous friends and constituents contemplating the formation of mercantile establishments at Victoria and British Columbia, and emigration thereto, with a view to Agricultural Pastoral or Mining pursuits, whether grants or assignments of Lands in these Colonies are subject to the same Rules & Regulations as are laid down for the guidance of Emigrants to the Australian Colonies. Should such not be the case may we beg that you will cause us to be informed, under what conditions such grants are obtainable.
We have the honor to be Rt Honble Sir
Your humble and obedient Servants
Edelman & Co

Rt Honble
Sir Edward L.B. Lytton Bart
&c &c &c
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Lord Carnarvon
Nothing I believe has yet been decided as to Land Regulations?
VJ 24 Decr
We must I think answer as regards Victoria & V. Couver I. in the usual terms that land regulations are till next May at the dispositionManuscript image of the H.B.C.
And as regards B. Columbia that owing to the peculiar & exceptional circumstance of that Colony no definite rules have been laid down for the regulation of land to be assigned or bought there, though in the last communication Sir E. Lytton understands that land has been sold as Town Lots in certain districts (stating generally the terms as described by the Govr). Meanwhile that all reasonable facilities for the Acquistion of land are & will be given?
C D 24
EBL D 28
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Draft, Carnarvon to Edelman and Co., 14 January 1859, as per minute.

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[Minute on above:]
The land regulations for B. Columbia are now with the Emign Commrs for report which will be sent on in a few days.