Cooper to Blackwood (Chief Clerk)
Snow Hill
Septr 9th 1858
Dear Sir
I am in receipt of your note and enclosure from Mr Halksworth, 1 for which I am much obliged.
Allow me to ask you for the original documents forwarded, for the inspection of Sir Edward as testimonials. I had no time to copy them, nor would they have been of much value unless properly authenticated.
I am dear Sir
Yours Most Respectfully
James Cooper

Arthur Blackwood Esq
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Ansr I think that we must keep the original documents, which is the way of all official Depts, but that if he wishes it he may Manuscript imagetake copies of them.
ABd 11 Sepr
Annex draft.
C S 14
I think our practice is usually to return them when the application is unsuccessful.
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Draft, Carnarvon to Cooper, 21 September 1858, advising that the department did not return original documents but that he could make copies.
  1. = AB-Cooper, nd, enclosure FIND Blackwood letter with enclosure from Hawksworth?? Documents relating to Cooper's case are in 8510, Cooper to Lytton, 8 September 1858, CO 6/27, p. 470.
People in this document

Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone

Carnarvon, Earl

Cooper, James

Halksworth, William

Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

Merivale, Herman