Cooper to Lytton
Snow Hill
Sepr 9th 1858
Rt Honble Sir
I beg to acknowledge receipt of a communication forwarded to me by Mr Merivale by your direction dated yesterday 8th Inst, 1 conveying therein your Satisfaction of my reply to a charge made on the 16th Ulto2 impugning the integrity of my position.
And further that you have been pleased to directManuscript image Govr Douglas to appoint me to the office of Harbour Master at Esquimalt &c &c.
Rt Honble Sir, I most willingly accept the office proposed, feeling assured that my long experience & practical knowledge will enable me to fulfill the same with credit to myself and efficiency for the public Service. I would beg to mention that while my case has been pending & in Abeyance I have some what delayed myManuscript image preparation for the Voyage but will be ready, to start with my family in the course of two or three weeks.
I have the honour to be Rt Honble Sir
Your Most Obdt & Very Hble Servant
James Cooper

Rt Honble Sir E.B. Lytton Bart
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Sir Edward Lytton has perused this. Put by.
ABd 11 Sepr
Is Mr Cooper to have a passage in the Thames City? If so he ought to be told the day on wh it will sail.
C S 14
Lord Carnarvon
Mr Cooper will not be able to go in the Thames City. He has been told that he will have £150 to defray his expenses to B. Columbia. There have been so many uncertainties about the No of Civilians who wd want passages in the "Thames City," & we have been so pressed by the War Office to name them that when it was doubtful whether Mr C. wd or wd not be appointed we had no option but to exclude that genn. The result therefore has been to fall back on the £150.
ABd 14 Sepr
Very well.
C S 14
  1. = Cooper's defense & appointment I.e., 8510, Cooper to Lytton, 8 September 1858, CO 6/27, p. 470. FIND HBC? to CO 16 Aug 58 protesting Cooper appointment.
  2. = Cooper's defense & appointment NEED 8366, HBC to CO, 17 Aug 58, CO 6/26, p. ??, regarding Coopers appointment as customs collector.
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