Cadell to Lytton
Highbury Hill
Septemr 17 58 To the Right Honble Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton

I beg to enclose a report with reference to information conveyed to the Colonial Office connected with the preliminary operations of British Columbia, through which I have solicited the favor of an Official Communication to Governor Douglas, in my favor, with an order for passage for the Govt Steamer "Archer" for Vancouver, which I trust you will consider but a reasonable request, to compensate for my prompt attention to the subject.
I am Sir
Your obt Servt
P. Cadell

Colonial Office
Downing St S.W.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
This gentleman, of his own accord, & without solicitation or encouragement, as I believe, from any body in this Office, has written nearly a score of Letters to Sir E. Lytton, containing suggestions for general conduct of affairs in B. Columbia. Most of his suggestions seem to me of that useful kind which a professional man and an ordinary observer of events would naturally be able to offer. But His suggestions have for the most part already occurred to this Office, or the Governor, & are being acted upon. He has been regularly courteously thanked &c. I do not myself see that we are indebted to him—or called upon to reward him for his spontaneous effusions. Nor, as Sir E. Lytton,Manuscript image has received no testimonials concerning the writer, nor knows, as I fancy, anything about him cd he give him the Letter of recommendation to the Govr which he solicits. Neither can Sir Edward order him a passage in the "Archer" to B. Columbia, nor let him accompany Col: Moody. This, at least, is the view I take.
ABd 20 Sepr
I quite agree.
HM S 22
I quite agree in the main that it is a bad principle to be thus forced into giving something by importunate writing; but I almost thinkManuscript image that with so restless a man as Mr Cadell appears to be—if he has made up his mind to go to B. Columbia—it is worthwhile to send him out in a good humour with the C.O. If he can give thoroughly satisfactory testimonials I wd hardly refuse what we have conceded to so many others—if not "cadit quotic"—for to give him a free passage is out of our power?
C S. 22
If Mr Cadell will send proper testimonials we will give him the usual letter; nothing else.
EBL Sept 23
Other documents included in the file
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Colonial Office to Cadell, 4 October 1858, advising that a free passage is not possible, nor is there public employment available in the colony, but that Lytton would supply a letter of introduction upon receipt of proper testimonials.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Cadell to Lytton, 16 September 1858, general report on preliminary operations for the development of British Columbia.