Doyle to Secretary of State
Sepr 16th 1858 To The Honourable Secretary of the Colonies

Honorable Sir
I Beg to offer to your consideration a new route to British Columbia namely "The Mexican Interoceanic route" from Veracruz on the Atlantic and Acapulco on the Pacific. My name is connected with this route and has been noticed by Several American papers some years since. I have crossed it several times, having begun in connection with an American Express Company who intended to run a mail and package express from N. Orleans to San Francisco, the firm failing. This route ceased to exist, but during its Short existence letters were delivered in San Francisco from N. Orleans in 13 days and news could be had by the Atlantic Telegraph from Europe at Vancouvers Island in 15 days. But what I wish particularly to call your kind attention to is the great Saving of time and expense by my route. Since I could deliver a heavy mail in the new colony within 35 days, and avoiding at the same time the expenses of Seven days ocean navigation and certainly gaining 10 days over the Panama route. I have been to California and sailed from Southampton in the West India Cos Steamers and between waiting for the American Steamer andManuscript image other delays 43 days were consumed from England to San Francisco alone.
I could even now without altering the dates of sailing of the West Indian Steamers and in connection with the American boats which coal at Acapulco, and having to wait for them six days at the latter port deliver our mails in 40 days, but by having two Steamers on the Pacific to await the arrival of the mail at Acapulco the distance can easily be made within 35 days.
I would undertake to transmit the mail from Veracruz and land it at Vancouvers Island paying all minor expenses such as freight &ca (and as the mail would be entirely British, I would only pay for it on the American Steamers as freight) for £300 a month (and conveying the mail twice a month from England). I am well acquainted with the authorities at Acapulco and as I speak Spanish as a native have every hopes of arranging for a free transit through the Mexican Republic.
I am prepared at any time to give the most minute particulars of the route and in conclusion of these few suggestions Beg your kind consideration of the matter.
Your most obedient Servant
Jos. A. Doyle

J.A. Doyle
51 Upper Parliament St
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Mr Merivale
Acke receipt with thanks, and transmit a copy of it to the Treasury, with reference to the subject, now under the consn of that Office, of the conveyance of Letters to VanCouver's Island and British Columbia.
ABd 20 Sep
Annex dt.
HM S 22
C S 22
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Draft, Colonial Office to Doyle, 1 October 1858, thanking him for his letter.
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Draft, Merivale to C.E. Trevelyan, Treasury, 2 October 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and requesting early information on arrangements to convey mail to British Columbia.

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[Minute on above:]
This is introduced in consequence of a conversation with Sir Edward, in whh he expressed his great wish to know what the Treasury had done in the matter. Sufficient time has not elapsed for final arrangements; but it will be as well that the T-y shd know that Sir E.L. is anxious on the subject; and does not intend to let it drop.