Kingscote to Lytton
Deal Kent
22 Sepr
May I venture to inquire whether any facilities will be granted to a set of young active men who are anxious to go out to British Columbia? From several causes there is great distress among the Deal Boatmen. The use ofManuscript image Steam Tugs—the improved science that is brought to bear upon navigation &c &c has caused much suffering among these fine gallant fellows—who have saved hundreds of lives of their fellow Creatures—& many thousand pounds worth of property. They can no longer get a living on the Beach—& very many of the Young Men are mostManuscript image anxious to get away—especially to British Columbia. Might I request to be informed whether the Government can favor their views in any way? If so—I should be most pleased to give any further information.
I beg to subscribe myself
Your obt Servt
Henry Kingscote

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Ansr that H.M. Govt have no oppy of employing these men in B. Columbia, and request the writer to suggest to them to enlist in the British Navy.
ABd 23 Sepr
I think I would stop at the first part of the answer: the last might be misconstrued?
HM S 23
I suppose so—though the suggestion is much to the point. Mr Kingscote—if he is the person whom I believe him to be—has a great many irons in the fire and might have thought of this recourse for himself.
But between Glasgow operatives and Deal boatmen B. Columbia seems likely to be provided for. Annex draft as Mr M suggests.
C S. 23
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
On the 25th September a Draft answer to Mr Kingscote was written founded on Lord Carnarvons Minute & circulated with Mr Kingscotes letter (9772).
On the 1 Oct Mr Kingscote's letter came back to the Department without the Draft but with a minute (30th Sept) by Sir E. Lytton, confirming Lord Carnarvon's decision.
It was presumed therefore that Lord Carnarvon wished Sir E. Lytton to seetheManuscript image the letter before it was answered and has cancelled the Draft.
A fresh one, in the same terms was therefore written, on the 4th October which was returned by you for signature & sent off last night.
This morning the old Draft has come back to the Departt amongst the papers relating to the Kings College Act N. Brunswick—with an addition by Sir E. Lytton.
I have prepared a draft supplying the omission & submit it for approval in case you shd think it desirable to takeManuscript image this course.
HTI 9 Oct
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Kingscote, 9 October 1858, expounding on previous correspondence by explaining that assistance could not be given due to the lack of assured employment in the colony.
Manuscript image
Draft, Carnarvon to Kingscote, 8 October 1858, regretting that no assistance or employment could be offered to the Deal boatmen.
Manuscript image
Colonial Office to Kingscote, September 1858, marked "old draft," containing the first rejection.