Kernaghan to Carnarvon
Messr Spooner Attwood &
29 July 1858
My Lord
I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordship's letter of 28th.
Having written to Sir Edw Bulwer Lytton on the 26th asking when he could receive a deputation of Members of Parliament & Canadian Merchants as well as referring him to a letter sent through the Irish Attorney General & one from Messrs. Gilmour Rankin & Co, I would fain hope that as I applied first to Lord Stanley & afterwards to Sir Edwd on his accession that I will not be overlooked in the Secretary-ship for the new Colony.
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My references
The Rt Hon John Wynne MP
Rt. Hon J. Whitende MP.
Messrs Spooner Attwoods & Co Bankers
Messrs Gilmour Rankin Strang & C[o] the largest British American House
I have the Honor to be My
Your obet Sert
Wm Kernaghan
Rt Hon The Earl of Carnarvon &c &c
Under Secy
Colonial office
Minutes by CO staff
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Lord Carnarvon.
I do not believe that a Secretary is wanted at present for B. Columbia.
ABd. 30 July.
Write the usual answer.
C. July 30