Maclachlan to Colonial Office
Revenue Police Office
6th March 1858
I have great pleasure in expressing my opinion of the manner in which Mr Peter O'Reilly discharged his duties as an officer in the Revenue Police for a period of seven years and nine months.
He always maintained an exemplary character as an Officer and a Gentleman, and by attention to his various duties gave general satisfaction.
A. Maclachlan, M. Gen
Chief Inspector
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Thomas Brown, late 2nd Inspector, Revenue Police, to O'Reilly, 18 December 1858, expressing satisfaction with his service in the revenue police.
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Testimonial of Richard Croker, Sub-Inspector, Revenue Police, certifying O'Reilly's excellent record during seven years of service.
Minutes by CO staff
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To be registered—a letter of introduction to Govr Douglas to be prepared for Lieut. P. O'Reilly at the recommendation of Lord Claud Hamilton.
Annex draft also enclosing this letter of recommendation to Lord C. Hamilton at his request—10 Camden Crescent, Dover.
C D 24
Other documents included in the file
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Draft letter of introduction, 6 January 1859, addressed to Douglas through O'Reilly, introducing that gentleman to the attention of the governor.